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Established on Sept. 4th 2010, Warriors 3 Comics & Games (W3) is a joint effort between three uniquely skilled enthusiasts (Tom, Bill and Don – pictured above) to provide an entertaining and community supported comics and gaming store with a welcoming environment that meets the needs of their customers. W3 uses their experience as industry consumers to merge favorable qualities from conventions and similar store concepts to create an ideal venue that is both commercially and socially appealing.  Email contact:  warriors3mi@gmail.com

Now with EVEN MORE play space, come check out our ever-expanding store and community of gamers!

Team W3 at GP Detroit

Team W3 at GP Detroit


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  1. Wondering if you guys still buy magic?? I have some cards I need to off load.

  2. i just gotta say i love how you guys are all so nice to your customers, i love coming there keep it up!

    • Thanks for supporting our dream and joining in the fun! We feel very fortunate to have such amazing customers and to be be able to make a living doing what we love.

  3. Susane Lilly May

    This year during Youmacon at the GM center will you guys be open during the convention? if so id love to use you guys to buy cards from while they have there giant magic tournament. or will you guys have a set up stand/shop at youmacon?

  4. Love your store and wish you continued success!

    Annnnnd….you need more X-Wing expansions. And more parking. And you need to kill that triffid that attacked my car when I drove up the alley to get to the parking lot.


  5. Hey,

    I have a friend who recently ended up in your neck of the woods. Im wondering do yo guys offer any type of open gaming nights?

    Id really like to come up and run something on Friday, just want to make sure you have room :)

    • There’s open room all the time, especially since we’ve added the Annex. Friday is a busy night, but if you can’t find space where tournaments are being played in the gaming area, go next door to the 3rd space/annex and use a few tables. There’s no cost, but you might have to overhear the Anime Club a bit.

  6. Dear Warriors3,

    I am developing a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping under-privileged youth learn the fundamentals of math, English, economics, geography, history, and communication through the use of board games. This being the case, and considering the market of your own establishment, I was wondering if you would be interested in hosting a fundraiser to further this cause.

    Joseph Schaefer

  7. Call the store at 734-895-9069 for inquiries on what is in stock. Thanks!

  8. hey do u guys buy yu gi oh cards or Pokémon. also is there any tournaments there?

  9. I was just wondering if you guys buy yugioh and pokemon cards.

  10. hi do you guys host Group board games societies Or d&d and Pathfinder I’m new to those I want to learn how to play and meet people make friends I was wondering if you guys host any of those I also play Magic

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