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Warriors 3 Cards & Games (W3) provides an entertaining and community supported gaming store with a welcoming environment that meets the needs of their customers. Email contact:  warriors3mi@gmail.com

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  1. Unfortunately we do not. We can make arrangements if you e-mail us directly warriors3mi@gmail.com Thank you!

  2. We have some, not a large selection though.

  3. Thank you guys for coming in and giving us a try! We look forward to seeing you again. Thank you!

  4. Sorry, but we do not.

  5. We do not offer Yugioh tournaments or cards, sorry.

  6. We no longer carry the game. We would look into special ordering sealed product for you if you are interested.

  7. We have a small selection and can special order them.

  8. We are not currently hiring, thank you for the inquiry though.

  9. Unfortunately, we do not.

  10. We do currently have a few in stock.

  11. It all depends on what you enjoy reading. I cannot endorse purchasing comic books for value speculation because it is a losing proposition. If you are looking to start reading comics and collecting them, please come in and see us and we will be happy to help match you to books you will enjoy.

  12. We do not buy used comics, sorry.

  13. We do not buy back comics, sorry. We primarily deal with newly published comics.

  14. Thank you so much. Our store is a labor of love, we are glad you have enjoyed your experience there. We are gamers ourselves and try to create an environment that we ourselves would enjoy, but we are always open to suggestions!

  15. We host Pathfinder Society and D&D Adventurer’s League on Wednesday nights at 7pm. We also hold Magic tournaments several nights a week. Come on out and see us!

  16. No, we do not carry yugioh or pokemon, but we do have have magic the gathering singles, boosters and accessories.

  17. We do not carry or buy singles for either game, sorry.

  18. There’s open room all the time, especially since we’ve added the Annex. Friday is a busy night, but if you can’t find space where tournaments are being played in the gaming area, go next door to the 3rd space/annex and use a few tables. There’s no cost, but you might have to overhear the Anime Club a bit.

  19. Thank you! I would love to have more X-wing expansions and hopefully FFG can catch up on demand. Working on Triffid removal as we speak.

  20. We will be open during Youmacon but we will not be saetting up at the show itself. But we will be open to take care of your card needs! Thanks!

  21. Thanks for supporting our dream and joining in the fun! We feel very fortunate to have such amazing customers and to be be able to make a living doing what we love.

  22. We sure do! We offer cash or store credit, come on in and ask for Larry.