Golden retriever melts hearts by sitting in same spot to watch sunset every night

A golden retriever described as an “old man in a dog’s body” has melted hearts all over the internet after his owner shared videos showing his daily routine of watching the sunset.

TikTok user Katelyn Nassar posted a clip, showing a group of people relaxing on outdoor furniture, with her dog instead choosing to sit by himself on the edge of the patio to watch the sun slowly disappear into the distance.

She wrote: “My dog sits in this exact spot and watches the sunset every night”, adding in the caption: “This makes me emotional idk why.

The clip has been viewed more than 4.6 million times, leaving people convinced that the dog has previously been a human, and that his sweet habit could inspire a Disney film.

When one person suggested: “You should sit on the ground beside him, I’m sure he would love it”, Katelyn posted a follow up video doing just that – and the heartwarming clip went even more viral, racking up 5.7 million views.

With the golden retriever again sitting alone as the day came to an end, his owner grabbed a pillow and placed it on the paving next to him, putting her arm around him and stroking his back as she shared in her pet’s favourite views.

A third upload shows on another evening he was joined by his “bestie cat” who snuggled up to him in front of the sunset, as his evening routine slowly gathers more and more fans.

The clips racked up thousands comments, as one person replied to say: “This dog knows how to take care of its mental health more than most humans do.”

A second wrote: “Dogs appreciate the things we take for granted.”

A third said: “It’s like you can feel him thinking ‘yeah, it’s been a good day’.”

Another commented: “I get the feeling he’s had a past life where he would watch the sunset or he didn’t get to watch.”

And someone else added: “My dog likes to take in views and smell the flowers.”