12-year-old’s 34-hour swinging record attempt underway in New York

A New York boy is attempting to set a Guinness World Record by spending almost a day and one-half on a swing in his family’s front yard.

Sean Lewis, 12, of Rochester, got on the swing at 7 a.m. EDT Thursday and is aiming to swing for 34 hours, taking a 20-minute break every four hours to stretch, eat and use the restroom.

“When I put the rope swings up years ago, he just fell in love with them,” father Matt Lewis told WROC-TV. “I think one day he was just thinking maybe there might be a record associated with it. And he looked it up and thought he could do it. So it’s just a love of swinging.”

The current Guinness World Record, set by New Zealander Aimee Pivott, is 32 hours, 32 hours, 3 minutes, but Lewis said he wants to go for 34 hours to also beat an unofficial record of 33 hours set by another New Zealand teen.

Lewis is expected to reach his goal at 5 p.m. Friday.