Magic The Gathering


Weekly Tournament Schedule (starting 3/27/17): 

  • $5 for Modern, Legacy, Commander, and Standard
  • Sealed is $25
  • Draft is $15
  1. Sorry for the delay in getting back with you, it has been a crazy holiday. We will be hosting FNM on the 1st. We will be offering a Battle for Zendikar booster draft at 6:30pm for $15 or we will be offering standard constructed at 7pm for $5 entry fee. We will be open at 5pm until the tournaments finish for the night. Thank you and I hope to see you tomorrow.

  2. Wednesday night is our EDH open play night.

  3. This Friday night going into Saturday at midnight, Saturday the 11th at 2pm, Sunday the 12th at 2pm is 2 Headed Giant, and Sunday the 12th at 4pm, we have one last sealed.

  4. You sure can, just ask at the counter or call ahead and we’ll get one ready for you.

  5. It is true. We have about 8 or 9 in stock currently. Come on down and pick one up!

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